Healthy car

Healthy car

Less fatigue, more driving pleasure!

Less fatigue and stress

And greater focus
and better driving experience

Eliminates unpleasant odors

That can distract you
from driving

Protects from diseases

Strengthens the immune system
and improves your health

Less fatigue, more driving pleasure!

In co-operation with leading expert in natural aromatherapy, Hana Marie Tomaskova, Europcar has prepared an unique product for professional increase of you comfort on the road - Healthy car.

Everybody knows it - Stress, fatigue, long drive and everyday rush. Dangerous combination with fatal consequences. Therefore Eropcar has prepared and unique concept of natural aromatherapy which is part of car equipment.

With our cars you will enjoy every mile of you trip. Natural aromatherapy means for you:

  • Less fatigue and stress, bigger concentration and driving experience
  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Protection from diseases
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Helps to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms

Only with us you will get high-quality car with better equipment and motorization, but we also care about your health and comfort on the road.

Come and try the best.

Health has its own scent

Aromatherapy uses natural sourses and helps healthier and more comfortable environment in a car. Suitable aromatic combination also awakens senses and improves concentration which is essential for safe driving.

Aromatherapy is natural treatment via scent - 100 % pure natural essential oils that unlike synthetic fragrances favourably affect human mental and physical condition. The energy of plants gets through breathing into the respiratory tract and through the blood to the entire body and nervous system. With active antibacterial and antiseptic component neutralizes most of the impurities that occur in the air (viruses, bacteria, microbes, odors, gases, ...).

It significantly improves not only the quality of the environment, but also heals. A series of srudies demonstrated lower morbidity, better workload and also positive mood. Using plant energy via essential oils can effectively reduce stress, induce relaxed atmosphere or stimulate the brains and contributing to a better work performance and concentration. Aromatherapy positively effects mental condition and driver´s comfort and driving style and reduces car accidents.

Healthy environment inside of you car

Aroma interier

Pleasant and healthy environment inside the vehicle is more or less important almost for every driver.

Of course, during driving a car, the pollution occurs. For the car bodywork you can simply use a carwash, but the space for driver and passengers needs also to be cleaned and take care of. It should be cleaned more thoroughly than just a vacuuming or wiping the dust.

We often spend a significant part of the day and our life in the car. And a clean environment is essential not only for people with allergies and sensitive people.

Omitting and neglectful air-condition

Aroma klimatizace

Aromatherapy uses the effect of natural fragrances. It is based on natural oils (volatile, water-insoluble, oily substances) which are able to neutralize most of the impurities that occur in the air (viruses, bacteria, microbes and odors) and positively affect the mental and physical condition.

It significantly improves the quality of the environment inside your car. "Many studies also demonstrated lower morbidity, better worload and positive mood, who tried aromatherapy."

Using natural oils can effectively reduce stress and induce relaxed atmosphere or stimulate the brains and contributing to better performance and concentration.

When scented trees are not enough

Aroma stromečky

Popular car fresheners and scented trees are common and cheap solution to induce pleasant atmosphere in the car or get ird of unpleasant odor.

Their presence in the car you usually get to know as first. They also have a number of health risks compared to more expensive essential oils. They do not improve the quality of air and not even remove the odor.